Dragon Boat Club Inc

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FFB Matters

FFB Matters

Dragon boating is an enjoyable and safe water sport, but as with all other sporting activities, care must be taken at all times to avoid unnecessary risks and accidents.

The safety and welfare of all paddlers is of the highest importance and FFB takes this responsibility very seriously.

A few simple rules and guidelines will ensure that everyone participating is safe and has a fun and energetic workout.

The Coach/Sweep on each boat is responsible for the welfare of the crew, and all paddlers must respect and follow their instructions at all times.



Take the time to read and become familiar with the following policies:

FFB Dragon Boat Club is aligned with the following policies through DBNSW:


· NSW Department of Sports and Recreation-Sexual Harassment Policy & Guidelines

· Email communication Policy

· Paddler and Club Sponsorship Guidelines

· Member Protection Policy

· DBNSW Safety Policy


FFB Dragon Boat Incorporated Policies:

Member Protection Policy

Membership Policy

Privacy Policy

Data Retention

Accounting and Regulatory Reporting Policy

Special Awards

Water Safety Policy


Play By The Rules

It is important that all members of the FFB Dragon Boat Club are aware of their rights and responsibilities to participate in and contribute to a sporting environment that is welcoming, free of discrimination and inclusive of all participants.

All FFB club members must complete the online Play by the Rules training course developed by the Australian Sports Commission and Australian Human Rights Commission when joining the club. The course is free and can be completed in your own time. Those who complete the courses receive an official certificate. It will take less than 2 hours.

Follow the link to the Play by the Rules training course.